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Engage the right consumers for your institution at the right time.

Grow deposits, loans and households efficiently and sustainably

Financial institutions that lead in CX have a higher recommendation rate, higher share of deposits, and greater likelihood that customers will grow their portfolio of new products and services.1

The financial services environment has never been more competitive. Acquiring low-cost core deposits, lucrative loans and high-yield customers is essential for long-term growth.

Our account acquisition and retention solution takes a data-driven, strategic approach to deposit and loan acquisition. Using proprietary data analytics and robust modeling techniques, we identify prospects who match the profile of your best customers. Then we send them highly personalized offers with high-quality creative and materials.

1Kantar, “The Experience Advantage: 2018 Report U.S. Retail Banking,” 2018

The Vericast Advantage:
Customers receive relevant offers from you for the products they need, at the moment they need them.


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