High Security Checks

Protection is prevention! How we work to protect your checks

Crime is on the rise, claiming a new victim every three seconds.1 The best way to protect yourself is to prevent it. Our enhanced Security Check decreases your odds of becoming a victim of check fraud.


The enhanced security features of our Security Check exceed industry standards and include the following:


1. Hologram Foil Bar provides a reflective, 3-D appearance that is easy to verify with the human eye, and not easily reproduced by ordinary copying or printing.

2. Heatreactive ink in the front, upper-right corner fades from green to yellow when warmed by touch or breath, allowing immediate authentication, and guards against the use of solvents and color photocopying.

The front side of the Security Check features instructions that direct the check recipient to look for the hologram foil bar and the heat-reactive circle to ensure the check’s authenticity.

3. Prismatic Background Pattern is an attractive, woven pattern that deters computer fraud; colors become distorted when photocopied.

4.  Security Pantographic Box  over signature line has the word “security” embedded in it which becomes prominent when photocopied.2

5. Check Laid Border decreases the ability to counterfeit the check.

6. Micro Print (MP): This fine line of type can be read when magnified and is very difficult to photocopy. It appears on the front and back of the check.

7. Padlock Icon: This icon signifies compliance with industry standards.



The back side of the Security Check displays existing security features contained on all Harland Clarke checks, in compliance with industry standards.

8. Micro Print (MP): This fine line of type can be read when magnified and is very difficult to photocopy appears on front and back.

9. Padlock Icon: This icon signifies compliance with industry standards.

10. Security Screen: The words “Original Document” will fade, distort or disappear if a check has been copied or scanned by traditional means.

11. Security Weave: This pattern on the back of the check deters check fraud and makes it very difficult to duplicate.

12. Mobile Deposit Checkbox: Feature helps avoid multiple mobile deposits of the same check.

13. Security/Safety Paper: When common chemicals are used to change the original information on a check, stains will appear.

14. Security Warning Box: This box gives a checklist of security features present on the check.

15. Fugitive ink: With this ink, chemical alterations may cause extreme discoloration and washing the check will likely cause details of the backer to fade or disappear.

2U.S. Patent No. 5,510,199